It will serve our male guests between 10:00 - 11:00.

It will serve our female guests between 11:00 - 12:30.

It will serve for families between 14:30 - 18:30.

We have taken everything into account for seniors and youth

We are building a huge aqua park of 2000 m2 in total for you in our holiday camp, right beside the playground.

There are two separate pools for children and adults in this new aqua park. In the aqua park pool taking up a space of 260 m2, there are 6 slides in the heights of 12 m and 7,5 m, where you can have fun as much as you want. In the children’s pool of 400 m2, on the other hand, we are placing an aqua tower 35 cm deep and 9 m high, which children would love.

The Aqua Tower for adults and children will become functional from June 24st, 2017. 

Slide details:

Slope slide with 20 m extra rafting and 12 m high

Semi open water slide with boats, 100 m long  and 12 m high

Semi open water slide without boats, 100 m long  and 12 m high

Kamikaze slide in tube model, completely closed, 30 m long and 7,5 m high

Kamikaze slide with open ceiling, 30 m long and 7,5 m high

A tier slide with cabinets, where three people can slide at the same time, 30 m long 7,5 m high

 Aqua Tower Special for Children

Everything was designed for children with children’s pool in the size of 400 m2

Aqua Tower in the size of 9,5 m,

3 different slides

8 water guns.

Brand New Playgrounds

While you are eating the delicious meals prepared by our chef Veli in our restaurant, your children shall have fun as much as they want in the playground we have constructed in front of the restaurant for them.

We are removing the current playground, and instead we are building a brand new playground made of wood. Your children would love this park.

Our rooms have been renovated

Lastly, we have rearranged all the rooms and obtained a more elegant look for your to have a more comfortable holiday.

We are looking forward to welcome you this summer with all these innovations we have implemented.

See you this summer, goodbye.


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