With the mentality of protecting and looking after your values of family and established on an area of 167.000 square meters having unique natural beauties of Kumluca District of Antalya


              With the development of the tourism sector in Turkey in the 1980s, new formations have been exhibited in order to offer holiday opportunities suitable for the expectations of domestic and foreign tourists. Kamer Holding Board of Directors started its tourism journey with Şah inn Suit Hotel in 1999 in the Mediterranean Region with the idea of developing a "family holiday" model for families who want to have a holiday in accordance with the Turkish family structure. By evaluating the satisfaction of the guests who stayed in the first season of
Şah inn Suit Hotel and the demands arising from the insufficiency of facilities suitable for the Turkish family structure, it took firm steps forward as the pioneer of the sector with its 1100-bed facility under the Şah inn brand in 2000. In 2007, Kamer Holding decided to continue its 1400-bed facility under the name Şah Inn Paradise. Şah inn Paradise Holiday Resort, which aims to renew every year and increase the satisfaction of its guests, continues its infrastructure works to add new ones to the chains of its brand.

With our holiday understanding that protects and holds onto your family values, we offer much more than your holiday expectations with our 10 thousand square meter ladies complex, 400 meters of its own private beach and a total of 12 pools, built on an area of 167 thousand square meters, which hosts the unique natural beauties of Antalya's Kumluca Region.


            Şah Inn Paradise, the architect of the alternative tourism concept, aims to offer a peaceful, happy and safe holiday without compromising the traditional Turkish hospitality and unconditional guest satisfaction principle and by developing a sense of belonging with its guests.


           Offering exclusive services with friendly staff and the understanding that "every guest is special", Şah Inn Paradise has adopted the vision of becoming the best concept facility in the world by becoming an international brand.


Şah inn Paradise, as a quality policy within the scope of leisure and recreational accommodation management;

  • To train its employees to respect the beliefs and privacy of its guests,
  • Providing holiday services to its guests while providing them with places where they can worship in comfort,
  • To prevent accidents that may occur by minimizing all risks that may endanger the health, life safety and occupational safety of its guests and staff,
  • While serving in the alternative tourism concept, to raise its quality above international standards and to provide a perfect service to its guests,
  • It undertakes to make quality measurable, to set goals with continuous improvement of the system and to ensure the unity of its employees and management in this regard.


Şah inn Paradise, in the production and presentation processes of food and beverages within the scope of leisure and recreational accommodation management;

  • Comply with laws, regulations and guest conditions,
  • It will increase the targets that determine the level of Food Safety by achieving them,
  • In order to ensure the continuous improvement of processes, the Food Safety experiences gained will be shared with suppliers, institutions and guests,
  • Organize the training activities needed for the understanding, adoption and implementation of the Food Safety Management System by facility personnel and suppliers,
  • With the belief that "Food Safety is everyone's right and everyone's responsibility", it is committed to protecting human health by fully implementing hygiene rules in all food production, presentation and storage areas from the purchase of raw materials to the consumption of produced foods.


Şah Inn Paradise, as a halal policy of alternative tourism service;

  • Access to halal food and beverage service for its guests,
  • Providing places where guests can comfortably perform their prayers,
  • Taking measures to protect the privacy of its guests,
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, legitimacy requirements and other requirements to which the hotel is subject,
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in processes involving Halal requirements,
  • It undertakes to inform its personnel, subcontractors, suppliers and all other third parties of their halal management system responsibilities.



Şah inn Paradise, in line with its social responsibility to protect and preserve our natural environment, to leave a clean world for future generations;

  • To save money and manage waste by making conscious use of natural resources such as energy and water and by applying waste reduction techniques,
  • To reduce the factors that cause environmental pollution and to prevent pollution before it occurs,
  • Ensure unconditional and voluntary compliance with environmental regulations, laws, statutes and ordinances,
  • To carry out actions to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution that may occur as a result of our activities,
  • That all departments take environmental factors into account in their functioning,
  • Carrying out activities based on recycling,
  • Detailed questioning of the environmental impact of the products supplied with our environmentally sensitive working system,
  • Organizing and participating in events to raise awareness about the environment among our employees, guests, suppliers and the community in general,
  • To be environmentally friendly by communicating and cooperating with the institutions and local governments in our field of activity in order to create an environmentally sensitive society,
  • Our activities contribute to the professional development of people living in our region and to contribute to social responsibility projects for people in need,
  • We are committed to using local products as much as possible in our facility.