Our Esteemed Guests,

We have taken necessary precautions with our personnel so that you can have a safe, peaceful and most importantly healthy holiday. We would like to inform you not only about the precautions that we have taken but also the rules to be followed for the new period.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have followed this process from the resources and broadcast organs of the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Turkey and took the measures at our facility at the highest level in the light of the information provided.

We will put our facility into service on June 15, 2020 with the certificates that we have obtained in accordance with our quality policy such as;


Our 167,000 square meter facility is a venue where you can easily comply with the “social distance rules”, frequently recommended by our Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, with its numerous swimming pools, width of the beach, absence of elevators, rooms’ consisting of blocks, absence of closed corridor at the entrance of the rooms, excessive usage areas per person and the tranquility of the region. We believe that we will have a safe, peaceful and healthy holiday period with these features of our facility, the dedication of our personnel and the compliance of you, our valued guests, with the rules we have determined


  • In addition to the trainings that we have provided to our personnel, trainings on COVID-19 protection methods and contamination conditions have been provided and are repeated regularly.
  • Our personnel have undergone medical screening during the first recruitment process and fever measurements are carried out at their entrance and exit to the facility on daily basis. Our personnel have been informed on not to work if they do not feel well.
  • Personnel services that are used for commuting are disinfected before and after each service. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask inside the vehicles.
  • There are informative and guiding banners in communal areas of personnel. These areas have been rearranged in accordance with the safe physical distance rule and disinfection units have been installed.
  • Physical structure and service style have been rearranged in personnel dining halls. Disposable service materials have been included.
  • Our personnel lodgement has been designed in accordance with the physical distance rule and no outside visitors are accepted.
  • Personal uniforms are frequently changed and their hygiene is provided.
  • While our personnel are working, they wear personal protective equipment such as masks and / or visors, gloves, etc.


Our communal areas have been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule, the signs have been posted by taking due precautions and informative posts have been hanged. Extra disinfection processes are carried out for frequently touched surfaces.

  • Our facility is working with the companies having international reputation for chemical cleaning products. Detailed training about the chemicals that are used is given to our relevant personnel by the authorized companies.
  • In all communal areas and toilets, as always, care is taken greatly of cleaning of the surfaces that are touched, door handles, handrails, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets. After cleaning with the necessary chemicals, the disinfection process is carried out by the COVID-19 cleaning team.
  • Our personnel wear masks and gloves during cleaning and disinfection processes.
  • There are hand disinfection units at every point needed of our communal areas and their control is meticulously done.
  • Communal areas have been rearranged taking the safe physical distances into consideration.
  • Maintenance and control of the ventilation systems of all our communal areas are carried out. More importance is given to natural ventilation.
  • The precautions to be followed on COVID-19 have been taken by our private enterprises and their follow-up and control are carried out regularly by the facility. (Market, SPA Centers, Water Sports, photographer, Tour Services)

Masjid Usage:

           It is mandatory to wear masks in prayers to be performed with the congregation.


  • Our personnel who work for housekeeping wear masks and gloves. Necessary materials are changed while proceeding to clean another room. The same conditions are applied by all personnel entering the rooms.
  • Disposable cloths are used for cleaning our guest rooms.
  • Following each check out, after cleaning of the rooms, the rooms are disinfected and ventilated by the COVID -19 cleaning team.
  • Effective disinfectants that are not harmful to health, approved by the Ministry of Health, are used in cleaning of the rooms. Surfaces such as door handles, batteries, remote controls of TV and air conditioner, telephone, electric switches are disinfected after each stay.
  • All paper / cardboard / desk pad / leather materials have been removed except for the bed scarfs and decorative pillows in the rooms and for those that are required by law.
  • The glasses of mini bars in the rooms have been replaced with the disposable glasses and the new ones are placed after each guest’s check-out.
  • All textile materials are brought to our facility in nylon bags after being washed at high temperatures and in sufficient time.
  • After the check-out of our guests staying in a room, all hotel guest amenities are changed and new ones are placed.
  • Filter cleaning of air conditioner in the rooms is carried out at regular intervals.
  • Room capacity utilizations are carefully followed-up and room placement is provided as infrequently as possible; and new guests are not accepted for a certain period of time before ventilating the room following the cleaning and disinfection procedures have been carried out in our rooms that are checked-out.
  • There will be a prayer rug in nylon bag in our rooms. After each check-in, the prayer rugs will be cleaned and disinfected, and will be packed in the nylon bag and then replaced to the room.


  • All check-in and check-out procedures have been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rules and secured waiting areas have been organized. Distance markings have been placed. ,
  • After the baggage and belongings of our guests are disinfected, 'bellboy' service is provided upon request.
  • 'Bellboy' cars are frequently disinfected.
  • Vehicles of our guests who request valet service are driven with disposable masks and gloves, and in this case, the vehicle key is disinfected. Moreover, upon request, disinfection service for interior of the vehicle is provided by trained personnel.
  • Our guests are welcomed with the opportunities of thermal camera or contactless fever measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand sanitizing at check-in. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to our guests upon request.
  • All our guests are informed about COVID-19 applications and precautions upon check-in.
  • Based on the circular issued by the Ministry, guests are required to fill in the determined forms during check-in with disposable pens. Written information about COVID-19 Hygiene Rules is prepared and provided to our guests.
  • Room cards are prepared by disinfecting before check-in and the room cards of our guests who are checking-out are disinfected in different boxes.
  • All transactions that may require contact during check-in and check-out are carried out in accordance with the safe physical distance rule and duly.
  • In the shuttle vehicles that our guests will use in their arrivals and departures, the rules of the Traffic Passenger Transportation Circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are implemented. Vehicles are disinfected before and after each transfer. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask inside the vehicles.


  • Our facility is certified with TS-ISO-EN 22000 Food Safety Certificate. Hygiene and quality standards are applied for food production areas.
  • Cleaning and hygiene of all kinds of equipment, kitchen worktops and storage areas used in our kitchen areas are frequently carried out.
  • Tools and equipment necessary for hand and body hygiene and sterilization devices are kept in the kitchen areas.
  • Our kitchen personnel work with protective masks, bonnets, gloves. Detailed trainings have been provided about the rules to be followed.
  • Dirty equipment is washed in the dishwasher in accordance the determined standards.
  • Thermal camera or non-contact fever measurement applications are carried out at the restaurant entrance.
  • There are disinfection kits and COVID-19 rules at the restaurant entrance and cafes.
  • All our service personnel serve with personal protective equipment.
  • Markings reminding the social distance have been applied to every point where there might be a queue in cafes and restaurants.
  • Table and chair arrangements in cafes and restaurants are carried out according to social distance.
  • In all our restaurants, disinfected and packaged forks, spoons, knives, dessert spoon and forks and teaspoons will be used. Single-use versions will be preferred in all possible areas.
  • Tools such as the self-service tea and beverage machine in our food & beverage departments have been removed or their service is provided by our personnel.
  • In the open buffet, barriers that will prevent contact with food have been set up and the service of food and drinks is provided by our personnel.
  • Table / stool / bistro / chair in food & beverage areas are disinfected after each use. Disposable materials are used in cleaning processes.
  • Disposable products and materials have been preferred at dining tables.
  • All foods are stored under suitable conditions or covered.
  • Disposable salt, pepper and sugar will be kept at the tables and other spices will be kept at the buffets in a disposable option.
  • Sliced foods such as lemon, etc. sliced for served in soda and tea are not available at stations. They are kept in refrigerators and served by service personnel.


  • Our swimming pools have the “Clean Pool Certificate” approved by the Ministry of Health and their internal and external audits are routinely carried out.
  • Cleaning of the swimming pools is done, as usual, in accordance with hygienic and legal conditions.
  • With automatic dosing applications, adjustable chlorine level is kept between 1-3 PPM for all outdoor pools and 1 to 1.5 PPM for indoor pools.
  • Sunbeds in our aquapark, indoor pool, outdoor pool and beaches have been rearranged according to the safe physical distance rule.
  • All sunbeds and equipment are frequently disinfected.
  • All pool and beach towels are provided to the guests in nylon bags or only by our personnel.
  • The maximum number of users is determined in accordance with the safe physical distance rule in swimming pools and necessary controls are provided by lifeguards.
  • Our recreational activities have been redesigned in a way that does not cause a crowd and density, and their usage areas have been arranged according to the social distance rule.
  • Open spaces are preferred for recreational activities.
  • Our mini club and facility nursery will serve in accordance with the hygiene and health rules stated in the procedures and principles that have been determined by the relevant ministries.
  • Maximum number of participants in daytime animation activities is determined and the distance rule of minimum 1.5 m. is applied.
  • The seating arrangement of the Turkish Folk Song Cafe (Türkü Kafe) where live music is performed is arranged in a way to maintain a safe physical distance.


  • Usage capacities in Sauna, Turkish Bath and SPA units are limited in accordance with the hygienic conditions and social distance applications. There are hand disinfectants in the specified areas.
  • Disposable cleaning cloths and materials are used.
  • The bed scarfs and decorative materials in massage rooms have been removed.
  • During the massage, the therapist wears mask. All of our personnel who perform the applications must follow the rules that we have set to disinfect themselves before and after each application.
  • Disposable materials are used for beverage services.
  • Hotel guest amenities are disposable.
  • All areas, massage beds and especially the head section of them after each use, are disinfected at specified intervals.
  • Communal areas such as dressing rooms, showers, massage rooms, WC; wardrobes and their keys and all materials such as towels, bathrobes, loincloth are safely cleaned and disinfected.
  • All sports equipment, machines and gears in our fitness centers are rearranged according to the required appropriate distances, and disinfection procedures are carried out after each use. These units are also used through the appointment system.
  • Our sports equipment placed outdoor are frequently disinfected


  • Our facility has TSE-ISO-EN 22000 Food Safety Certificate.
  • Storage, storage conditions and production methods are carried out in extremely hygienic environments in our facility.
  • Fever of the company employees who bring products to our facility are measured and they are provided with masks and gloves.
  • Personnel in charge carry out the good acceptance transaction in accordance with the Personal and Food Safety Standards with personal protective equipment during the good acceptance process.
  • All materials supplied are accepted to our facility after necessary control and disinfection processes.

We would like to remind you that we closely keep up with the circulars published by the relevant ministries and that there may be changes in applications depending on the process. For further information, you may call

0242 884 46 66 telephone number, make reservation and get information from our guest relations departments.

In this process, our expectation from you will be to protect the health of yours and our guests’ by entirely following the rules and precautions we take. We sincerely believe that we can overcome these difficult days that our country and the world have with mutual respect, love and solidarity and we thank you, our esteemed guests, for your understanding in this matter.




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